Exhibition Guidelines

These guidelines serve as a reference for exhibiting artists who are submitting artwork for Beckley Art Center’s Cynthia Bickey Gallery. Below you will find the procedure for exhibition entry, submission and presentation requirements, and other useful information that will help us ensure the organization’s mission and Gallery standards.

Exhibition Entry

Beckley Art Center’s Cynthia Bickey Gallery holds approximately eight exhibitions each year; including thematic, invitational, and juried. Thematic and juried exhibitions are open to any WV artist to enter their artwork, both member and non-member. All exhibitions, other than the Juried and Holiday Market, are free for active members of Beckley Art Group. The BAG Member show is open to active members only. All submission fees benefit installation and reception costs. The exhibition schedule and prospectus for each exhibition can be found on our website at: https://beckleyartcenter.com/

Submission Requirements

Submissions for each exhibition must be sent to the Exhibition Committee at: bacexhibitions@gmail.com Artists may submit up to six (6) pieces into any given thematic exhibition. To submit, digital images of each entry should be attached and sent by email on or before the submission deadline. Images must be .JPEG format in at least 300 dpi. Image files must be titled Lastname_Title and the dimensions of the piece should be included for each piece. If an artist’s work(s) is to be selected for an exhibition, they must complete and submit a consignment form to bacexhibitions@gmail.com Fillable PDF consignment forms will be distributed upon notification of acceptance into a gallery exhibition.

** The final decision on whether your artwork will be exhibited is at the sole discretion of the BAC Exhibition Committee.**


• All artwork displayed in the Cynthia Bickey Gallery exhibits must be original (no reproductions)

• Artwork submissions must have been completed within five years of the submission date

• No work previously displayed in a Beckley Arts Center exhibition will be accepted

• All works must be labeled for sale

• All artists must be at least 18 or older to participate unless otherwise said in a particular exhibitions rules

Presentation Guidelines

In order to ensure Gallery standards, we must request that all artists put forth their best effort to present their work in a professional manner.


The following information must be attached in some fashion to all work delivered to the gallery:

• Artist name

• Title of the work

• Retail price

Presentation Standards for Two-Dimensional Work

1. All two-dimensional work must be delivered ready to hang (please refrain from using sawtooth hangers). If the Exhibition Committee has doubts regarding the safety of hanging hardware, they reserve the right to remove pieces from the exhibition.

2. Mats must be clean and free of debris or pencil marks.

3. Avoid using unacceptable materials such as duct tape, corrugated cardboard backing, string or cord.

4. Think carefully about frame selections, as buyers are often dissuaded from purchasing artwork displayed in low quality frames or frames that do not enhance the work. When choosing a frame, make sure they are of a quality that is proportional to the price you are charging for your work.

5. Ensure frames meet properly in the corners and that no scratches, chips, or improperly attached wires are present. Also verify that framing glass is clean and free of fingerprints or dust.

Presentation Standards for Three-Dimensional Work

1. All three-dimensional work must be ready to display. If the Exhibition Committee has doubts regarding the structural integrity of a piece, they reserve the right to remove it from the exhibition.

2. All three-dimensional work must be free of chips, scratches, cracks, or other quality issues that are not integral to the formulation or interpretation of the piece.

3. If a piece requires any particular care or treatment, please inform the Exhibition Committee so they might pass this information along to prospective buyers.


The value of an artist’s work is determined by the artist. All work sold by the Cynthia Bickey Gallery is on a consignment basis with a commission standard of 30% to Beckley Art Center and 70% to the artist. All work must be for sale. Exceedingly high pricing to discourage sales is unacceptable. Prices of artwork should remain consistent no matter how or where it’s sold.

Exhibition Participation

● Exhibiting artists shall not rearrange artwork in any exhibition once it has been installed.

● Artists shall not remove their work before the final date of the show.

● All work is displayed at the sole discretion of the BAC Exhibition Committee.

Delivery and Pick up

It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure their work is delivered to and retrieved from Beckley Art Center by the assigned deadlines. If an artist is unable to set up a time to drop off or retrieve artwork during regular Gallery Office Hours, other arrangements can be made. For information about shipping artwork, please email bacexhibtions@gmail.com Please Note: Due to limited storage space, the Gallery is unable to save packing materials.

Opening Reception

The opening reception is an opportunity to show support for and network with gallery staff and other artists. It is also a chance for those exhibiting to market their work with guests and collectors. We strongly encourage all participating artists to attend exhibit openings and to help us spread the word by inviting friends, family, and collectors to the reception.


Exhibition Committee Co Chairpersons – Christine Kinder, Robert Moore bacexhibtions@gmail.com


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