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About Us

About Us

Our Mission

The Beckley Art Center is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization. Our two-fold mission is to stimulate interest in the arts within the community and encourage development of artistic talent within the group and the community.

Our Vision

In order to realize our mission, we will foster arts and culture and cultivate a creative community. This vision led us to develop our programming around three themes:

Share – we will provide our members and members of the community with the opportunity to share their art throughout the community and to share in the artistic endeavors of others
Learn – we will offer workshops and classes where members and members of the community are able to enhance and expand their creative skills and talents
Explore – we will provide opportunities and events where members and members of the community can meet with other like-minded people in exploring new artistic and creative adventures

Key Accomplishments

  • Awarded grants from the WV Nonprofit Association, Best Buy Foundation, WalMart Foundation, the Carter Foundation, & the Beckley Area Foundation
  • Employed an innovative and dedicated full time gallery director
  • Provided year round educational opportunities in the arts for adults & youth
  • Increased the number & diversity of exhibits for members and guests
  • Held the 2nd Journey of an Art Doll Auction, a principle fundraiser
  • Received regional publicity for the very popular community Yard Yarn Bombing Project
  • Purchased folding tables which helps with special events & increased rentals of the facility
  • Offered regularly scheduled & private painting parties for adults & youth
  • Increased our unexpected and public art endeavor throughout the community
  • Honored our increasing number of lifetime members with a reception & membership plaque
  • Became a member of the WV Nonprofit Association & Leave A Legacy of Central Appalachia

Goals For The Upcoming Year

  • Increase grant application submissions & fundraising initiatives
  • Foster arts and culture in our community by continuing to host Poets’ Café & Music in the Gallery
  • Establish a digital art lab with educational workshops and a digital storytelling initiative
  • Expand marketing efforts with awarded grant funds from the WV Nonprofit Association
  • Grow our participation in pop-up exhibits & Unexpected Art at local venues & community events
  • Share the workshop space at the Beckley Art Center with special interest groups
  • Explore the world of art by offering organized expeditions to other cities – Art Safaris
  • Promote community based art and beautification projects in collaboration with the City of Beckley
  • Teach a series of workshops to assist our member artists titled, “The Business of Art”

Board of Directors

Dee Dee Ellison, President
Robert Dunlap, Esq., Vice President & Major Development Chair
Mary Calvert, Treasurer
Robin Stewart, Secretary
Peggy Debnam, Volunteer Coordination Committee Chair
Shawn Smith, Youth Education Committee Chair
Tonya Washington, Membership Committee Chair
Linda Treadway, Member of the Board
Susan Hambric, Fundraising Chair
Debbie Lester, Facilities Chair
Christine Kinder, Exhibits Committee Co-Chair
Robby Moore, Exhibits Committee Co-Chair
Ron Bailey, Ex-Officio Member of the Board